Many early writers are told to find their ideas, develop a thesis, then outline their thoughts. Some students simply allow their thoughts to swerve randomly around the pages in their journals, avoiding capture.  But you can’t simply hope a muse will corral them and line them up.  Neither approach works well enough.

As an award-winning and published writer in both fiction and non-fiction, I bring more than twenty years’ successful teaching experience to an intermediate approach to writing. These sessions, classes and workshops will help make you a better writer, a more lively thinker and artist, and a more effective communicator in school and in the workplace.

I adjust workshops to the needs of writers and can hold them on-site.  Workshops run for one three-hour session or three two-hour sessions, depending on the goals and objectives of the writers.  I encourage high school and college students to meet on a one-on-one tutorial basis and more mature writers to meet in workshops.  All workshops held at the Thayer Memorial Library in Lancaster, Massachusetts are gratis.

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