Project Editing & Copyreading

It’s not just what you do . . . “it’s the way that you do it.”

Writing that works under some circumstances, say a business proposal, for example, might not be what you need for an MBA thesis or project.  What works well for your business mentor or instructor probably won’t be what you need for a documented essay for a history class, a funding proposal or a doctoral thesis.

And then, of course, we have creative writing—literary journalism, short stories, memoirs, or multi-chapter novels.  We all need to revise, edit, and proof. We need to check our progress against our expectations.  We need to know the rules, and we need to know when to break them.

This takes time.

Clients who need project planning, revising, editing or proofreading will meet for one fifty-minute session, at which time the costs of the project in both time and currency will be determined.

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